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Our next reunion

Created on: 10/27/11 01:37 PM Views: 2751 Replies: 4
Our next reunion
Posted Thursday, October 27, 2011 08:37 AM

What a great get-together. The reunion was so well-planned and FUN! I was thinking that, since we are all getting older faster than we like, maybe we could get together in 2013 for our collective "70th Birthday Party." It might be simple: Just send out an e-invitation, and choose a venue. The committee has all the structure set up for communicating, so it should be a comparative "chinch" to do it. It's a little early to think about it, but it's a thought. We just got home from our 40 days in Kansas. It was a wonderful trip.

Patty (High) Smith

RE: Our next reunion
Posted Thursday, October 27, 2011 08:28 PM


We are really glad you and Steve had a good time at the reunion and were able to spend some time here in Kansas.

I think you bring up a very valid point about the next reunion and one that we as a class need to consider and see what we can do about having a little get together to celebrate our 70th birthday's. Remember though, there is a bit of a spread in birthday's within our class, but you are right that most of us will turn 70 sometime in 2013.  We do plan on putting together a web site survey sometime early next year to see how everyone feels about our next reunion. This could certainly be an option for that survey. Probably the approach will be to come up with what we feel are the appropriate questions to ask and let everyone see what those are and if we are missing anything. Once we get that input, we will finalize the questions and then let everyone take the survey to see what, when, where and how  the class as a whole wants to undertake future reunions. Everyone needs to be thinking about these questions so we can get some really good input when we develop and take the survey.

Thanks again Patty.


RE: Our next reunion
Posted Friday, October 28, 2011 07:22 AM

 I think this is a SUPER idea!  Not to bring up another school but THS is having a mini-reunion in Colorado next September as a follow up to their 50th that was last fall.  Several of their classmates live there and there is about 30 with wives that are planning to attend.  It is not a big deal; everyone is kind of on their own with hotel, food, etc.  they are just going to have a night or two of getting together to stay in touch.  

We should survey the birthdays and see how many actually do turn 70 in 2013 (gosh that sounds so far away but really isn't!)  

SO Patty, do you want to be the chair person for planning?? :)

Wasn't our reunion fun!  I am homesick for everyone!


Talk soon.  Linda

RE: Our next reunion
Posted Sunday, October 30, 2011 06:19 PM

I'll help chair the 70th party, if I could have some help from a former events planner, whoever she may be....


RE: Our next reunion
Posted Sunday, October 30, 2011 08:36 PM

 You got it!!  Honestly we probably need to start planning it now before we get more forgetful :)


So much fun seeing you and catching up after all these years.  You are such a delight and i love your sense of humor!  Kind of like that Steve guy too!


Talk soon.  Linda