We really got "skunked" playing ditch-em
Posted Sunday, June 5, 2011 09:07 PM

One night we decided to play ditch-em, which is two car loads and the first car takes off and the chase car attempts to stay up and this is generally done on dirt and gravel country roads. Well, we were the lead car and I'm pretty fuzzy on who all was in each car. We had a pretty good lead, but wanted to loose the chase car. We were on a dirt road heading North towards Sharon Stones house (45th St.) and I knew there was an old couch that had been tossed beside the road. We stopped to pick it up and put it in the middle of the road and when we did a skunk ran out right by my leg and sprayed me.

Well, I bathed and scrubbed many times and tried everything to get that smell off of me, with very little success. For the next several days in each class people were commenting on the skunk smell and I played along like I smelled it but no one could tell where it was coming from. The pair of jeans that I was wearing got washed many times over the next several weeks and the right leg rotted out around the cuff, so they became cut-offs.